Yo-kai: It’s not what you roll. It’s how you use it.

Designer: David A. Lupo
Status: Ready to publish.
Number of Players: 2-6
Play Time: 30-45 minutes.
Suggested Ages: 10+
Theme: Japanese Ghosts/Spirits/Monsters
Mechanics: Dice placement, bidding, cards.

Story: You are a spirit lord over the domain of Japanese ghosts, spirits, and monsters known as yo-kai. You, like the other spirit lords, have noticed the realm of man is growing. Soon there will be no room left for the spirits. Together with the other spirit lords you can achieve a balance with man, and so you hold a contest to see which spirit lord will rule over the other spirits, and create this balance.

Summary: Yo-kai is a fast, easy to learn, tactical dice and card collecting game where you send out your influence over iconic Japanese spirits to gain their favor. Be careful, as the other players may turn the spirits’ favor away from you, or banish them outright! In this 30-45 minute game, find out if you can collect the yo-kai you need to win.