Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan

Designer: David A. Lupo
Status: Design.
Number of Players: 3-5
Play Time: 60-90 minutes.
Suggested Ages: 14+
Theme: High Fantasy
Mechanics: Dice manipulation, Auction, Leveling, Variable Player Powers, Faux Co-op.

Story: There is a prophecy, it says a Titan will come and tear apart the land. The prophecy continues to say the Titan will be preceded by a Shadow, and as the prophecy becomes fulfilled it turns out the Shadow is a series of unusual monsters. Each of you are epic heroes, who are the best at what you do, and you each know the prophecy continues to say “The hero who defeats the Shadow, and its Titan with the most skill and grace will rule the land.”, and so you each work together, for your own personal glory.

Summary: Play as a number of unique fantasy heroines and fight against monsters that are built from random abilities (e.g., giant slimy wraith, flying aquatic wraith, or flying aquatic void.) for unique, and strategic game play. Train your hero, and help your allies, with the kind of help only a wolf in sheep’s clothing could offer. Finally, carry out an epic battle with the Titan itself, and become the new queen of the land in this dice manipulation faux-op game.

Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan is currently in design.

One comment

  • Crinis

    I really enjoyed the theme and idea of this game! It is pretty easy to pick up on within a couple of rounds and the theme of it is VERY interesting I love the involvement between characters in order to reach a goal that you have as the character!