Addictive Alchemy

Designer: David A. Lupo
Status: For sale in our online store, Atlanta local game shops, and soon to be on Amazon Prime.
Number of Players: 3-6
Play Time: 10 minutes per player
Suggested Ages: 12+
Theme: Alchemy
Family: Aggressive Alchemy
Mechanics: Cards, Player Elimination, Deck Destruction, Deck Shaping.

Summary: Players start the game with powerful potions, and drink several each round. During the next round those potions mix in their systems, and have even more powerful effects. Sometimes those effects help them, and sometimes their foes plot to make those effects hurt them. In Addictive Alchemy the player who still has enough potions left at the end of the game wins.

Story: 30 years ago the periodic table of alchemy was unlocked by the grandmaster alchemists. They created potions so powerful they were nearly magical. You, are, not those alchemists. In Addictive Alchemy you are one of the newest alchemists of this generation, and you will be drinking potions as quickly as you can, trying to prove your power, but be careful as those potions will combine in your system to produce some even more powerful side effects. Especially, when other alchemists want to show you how easily they can influence how well you handle your potions. In New World Alchemy’s fast acting deck destruction card game if you’re not careful you might just become… Addicted.