It’s a Secret to Everybody! Being a Guest at SecretsCon 2014

If you haven’t preordered your pass for SecretsCon 2014 you should.

Honestly, I’m tempted to put a bullet list in here to tell you why, because everyone knows everything is better in list form, but I’ll resist that urge.

Instead, I’ll just say that SecretsCon is not your ordinary convention. In fact it’s not likely like any convention you’ve ever been to. This will be a weekend event, for one weekend in Atlanta, where gamers can gather, and commune. So what’s different between that any the other conventions you’ve likely attended? The good news is, nothing, and well, everything. The nothing part is simple it’s a gathering of like minded people. If you like games, pop culture geekery, and a good time, then you’ll enjoy SecretsCon. If you wish your sci-fi/anime conventions, that Atlanta is known for, had a way to bring home the fun, then SecretsCon is the con you’ve been waiting for, or that you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Let me explain. For me, the best part of a convention is going with a friend. Walking around, people watching, shopping, attending events, but most importantly having that friend to share it with. It’s like a perfect chocolate and peanut butter mix. The con would be great if you went alone, and your friend is still pretty great without the con, but there is something incredible when you have them together. In fact so much so, that I’ve observed in myself, and others a post con blues that you only get if you attended with your friends. Your friend, if out of town, isn’t around, the con only exists in a limited time at a specific place. You can’t recreate it, you may drive past the con’s hotel off season, and sigh wistfully. All that sighing isn’t going to bring the con back.

SecretsCon found a loophole. They will offer your normal con levels of fun, while also creating an environment to experience it with your friends, and quite easily make new ones. That is to say, you will be sitting down at table after table meeting new people, and sharing in some great/fun experiences.

That’s great and all, but how does that get you past the post con/friend blues? I’d ask you to wait, but I’m about to tell you.

So when the con is over, you won’t say to yourself “I have to wait a year.” You can simply setup a game night with your new found friends, and you’ve got a mini SecretsCon at your home. Better still, SecretsCon is the offshoot of the already popular local meetup, Secrets Factory which meets one to three times a week at various locations around Atlanta. It’s a methadone to your post con high.

Also, I’ll be a guest of the con. Just click the link and, scroll down, keep scrolling, I’m almost there, see me? Yep, I’m there, and I’m rambling about in my little bio. So check out SecretsCon, and my public con experience, and if you have time play test one of my games. I promise you’ll have a great time!

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