Get a card named after you at AndoCon 2014!

After the interview with Ando and Katie Mae, see last post, about AndoCon 2014 we got to talking. The idea came up to make a contest for people who preregister for AndoCon 2014. I love doing these kinds of contests, and so we decided to do the AndoConcoction contest. The wonderful artists at VectoriaDesigns have once again stepped up, and agreed to provide the art for the contest. Ando gives all of the details on the AndoCon website, so check it out here:

Secret Formula Contest

When I think of Alchemy I think of a lot of things. Mad potioneers, potent transmutations, and secret formulas. There’s another secret I think of when I think of gaming, and that is SecretsCon which is happening at the end of this month.

Currently SecretsCon is still holding their preregistration deal, and they’ve partnered with us to hold a contest. I’ll save the details for the SecretsCon page below, but the short story is you have a chance to appear in the next New World Alchemy card game, so check it out: