An Open Letter to Our International Backers

Earlier this week we sent out an open letter to our international Kickstarter backers. We are sharing this message here:

Each game we make takes an incredible amount of time to design, play test, and publish. The idea may come from one person, or from a group of people, but even a game that is made by a single person cannot become a reality without the support of a lot of people who believe in it.

Addictive Alchemy is no exception. Dave designed the game as a challenge to himself, to make a game using only cards, and no other pieces. His local gaming community quickly jumped on board and from there support starting coming in from no less than three continents. All of this was before it was even put on Kickstarter.

You’ve been a big part of this support from around the world. Even though Addictive Alchemy is one game, you’ve shown us something that we see every day in this world, something that is important to remember: we are better when we work together, when we support common goals, dreams, and ideas.

Things that get in the way, like building walls, creating intolerance or misunderstandings can only hurt us. We want to say to you, our international backers, and to the international community, that we don’t believe in separation, inequity, or regression. We believe in building a world that connects people who support each other.

As a token of this, VectoriaDesigns and Team Alchemy have worked together again to create a new card. We won’t pretend the message is subtle. We want to be clear when we say this: we stand together. The art, the symbol for the green potions, and the effects of the card all reflect that message.

If you backed Addictive Alchemy as an international backer, or pre-ordered it from an address outside of the US, we will mail you this card.

A “print and play” version of the card will be made available for everyone from our website, or from the Addictive Alchemy page on Board Game Geek once we finalize it.

Please keep an eye out for it in the coming months.

We hope you find strength and support in our message.

Thank you,

Team Alchemy & VectoriaDesigns

Joachim Brackx, Tinne Diels, Jenn Lee, Jason Stone, Mir Mohammad, Joel Valencia, Elizabeth Gulsby, and David Lupo.

You can see the original post here:

Addictive Alchemy Funded!

The first thing I want to say is if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Kickstarter for Addictive Alchemy, then please do so here:

The second thing is I want to thank everyone for making the game such a success! We launched on March 4th, and by the morning of the 3rd day we were funded! We are well on our way to our first stretch goal as well!

In anticipation of that we’ll be releasing images of the new cards that will come with that stretch goal in an up and coming announcement. To get you started I thought I’d share a sneak peak of one of the cards here:

In the world of Addictive Alchemy potion mixing has its own laws that differ from the normal laws of science. In that way an unstable catalyst is an oxymoron in chemistry, but a well known effect in alchemy. This kind of thinking allows alchemists to make fantastic potions which can allow them to shoot fireballs, but just because these potions appear nearly magical does not mean they aren’t grounded in the natural world. Vervain Vortex is a side effect that underscores this tie alchemy has with nature, but it does so in a way that makes sure you don’t forget about the true power of alchemy.

A New World for Alchemy

I am happy to announce that New World Alchemy has just gotten it’s new logo, and I couldn’t wait to put it on the site.

The incredible art of Mariusz Siergiejew at Noistromo Studios in Poland has done us the honor of creating this stunning logo!

Of course this meant we needed to do a site redesign as well, so that slowed showing off the logo a bit. You’ve already noticed it at the top, but here is a sample of the various states you will see our new logo in:

More versions below
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Addictive Alchemy’s Logo

Three years ago I made my first board game in ages. It featured potions, alchemists, and zapping your friends while having a good time doing it.

This, is, not that game…

Addictive Alchemy

is the successor of that game, and I am happy to present the first look at the official logo for Addictive Alchemy.

VectoriaDesigns has once again outdone themselves with a gorgeous piece of art that also serves as the game’s logo.

The number one question people ask me is when will Addictive Alchemy be on Kickstarter? The answer is we are almost ready.

The second most common question people ask me is when will I bring back Aggressive Alchemy? I am happy to answer that I will resume the design of Addictive Alchemy’s predecessor in first quarter of 2015.

Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan Art Phases

The art of a game is incredibly important. I’ve seen quite a few great games get overlooked by the gaming community solely based on art choices that don’t work. Some games are good enough to overcome this, and even fix it in later printings. Other games aren’t as lucky. With all of my games I spend an incredible amount of time looking for the perfect artist for the job. I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing artists take interest in my projects, and I’ve ultimately had to go in another direction because their portfolio and style just don’t fit the game. I keep these great artists in mind for future projects, but in the end I always have to pick the right artist for the job.

The art of the game is incredibly important, and even though it’s not as important as the design, it should still look wonderful. With Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan I’m constantly amazed by how perfect the art is for the game. With that, I thought I’d share some works in progress of our ever noble, and incredibly lovely paladin. None of these are final, and they are only a small set of the paladin’s WIPs, but they should give you a sense of what to expect if we get a Prophecies art book.

This is a low res image compared to the final version, but it is larger than what you can see here, so please click the link to see it in greater detail:

Addictive Alchemy Art Update: Side Effects

The Kickstarter for Addictive Alchemy will be here shortly! We’ve got almost all of the details ready for launch. One of those details happens to be the updated art for the side effect cards! I’m very excited to show you a few of the side effects here!

If you’re wondering about the exact date of the Kickstarter don’t worry as soon as it’s set there will be an update, and you’ll have time to spread the word!

New World Alchemy at DragonCon 2014

Come see us at DragonCon 2014. We will be in the game room. Where exactly? My contact hasn’t given me the details yet, but even though the game room is large, it’s not so large that we can’t be found. To help you I’ve made a couple of nice banners. Look for these:

We will be running demos of both games, plus a 3rd game that I’ve only recently started play testing. It will be lots of fun!

Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan Logo

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an art update for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan, so I thought I’d let you know that things are still going great. We have the final logo for the game, which I feel hits all of the key points. It looks beautiful, iconic, and at the same time reminds us of games that have a similar tone and feel while still remaining unique. What am I saying you’re already looking at the logo below if you’ve even bothered to read this far:

Be sure to click the link, and zoom in, to really appreciate the detail our incredible artist put into this logo.

New World Alchemy Partners with VectoriaDesigns!

I have some wonderful news, and the subject of this post kind of spoils it a bit. New World Alchemy has just partnered with VectoriaDesigns, to create the art for our fast battling card game Addictive Alchemy. We are very excited about this partnership because everyone at New World Alchemy is in love with the beautiful art that VectoriaDesigns consistently creates, and VectoriaDesigns has expressed a huge interest in Addictive Alchemy as a project. I can’t imagine a better pairing between art and design, or in this case alchemy and designs.

VectoriaDesigns is a young graphic design studio focusing on steampunk, gothic and vintage design styles. They have a line of crafting materials, are working on a fashion brand, and do custom design work. Discover their designs in their online shop:

Additionally, check out one of the first rough drafts for Addictive Alchemy art:

This isn’t the final submission for art, but one of the proposed solutions. Personally, I love this art, and I hope they pick something very close to it for our game.

Our Amazing Druidess

I’ve showcased Bramasta’s art for our up and coming game Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan a fair amount on the site. I am a great fan of his work, and one of my favorite things is to wake up to see a work in progress (WIP) from him. Some days I’m lucky enough to get two or three WIPs, and that can turn any day, that would have been a bad day, into a wonderful day.

Today is one of those days, and I’ve been missing them, so I wanted to share it with you. Here is the first WIP for our lovely druidess:

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to play test the druidess she is one of my personal favorites to play. Her ability to wield nature in ways to both help herself, and hurt her opponents is always satisfying.

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