Getting started

As I’ve either said, or hinted at, on the site so far this is a place for me to talk about the game design process, work with play testers, and other people who may have an interest in game design, my games, or related subjects. It’s a broad social touchstone you could say.

That said, I didn’t just start working on game design in the past week, month, or even year. Some stuff has happened, and I don’t plan to recap it all, at least not right away. Instead I’ll give a quick summary of key points, and fill in the blanks later.

As of today I have 4 projects that I’m serious about. Two are on hold, and two are in active play testing. The oldest of these four projects is Aggressive Alchemy. As the name implies, it’s an alchemy themed board game that just isn’t what I want it to be. I’m OK with that. When the time is right I’ll come back to it, and make it what I want it to be. I don’t mind because I love the design process, it’s my favorite part of game design. Sure play testing is fun, getting feedback, and talking with other people about the game is also really great, but nothing beats the rush tackling a problem you setup for yourself with multiple objectives that don’t always want to play well together. My point is I don’t mind tabling Alchemy because once I pick it up again I’ll have a blast redesigning it, refactoring it, turning it into the game I want it to be.

The second tabled project is a game that has done well enough in the play tests, and I can’t complain about the design, but I think I can take the core mechanics in the game, and do something cooler. That game is called Leylines. Leylines was my second game that I designed using my “fast prototype system.” (The first being an abandoned super hero card game.) It went from idea to on the table with pieces in about 2 hours. That’s a silly fast design time, but it’s a great way to see if an idea has legs.

The two projects that are currently going someplace are titled “Prophecies: In the shadow of the Titan.” Because why not have a long name? It’s a game for RPG gamers who are in the mood for a quick 45 minutes to 1 hour high fantasy battle where you work together for your own personal glory. The mechanics involved are dice rolling, and auction mechanics to simulate fantasy combat. Also randomly generated monsters, not “random encounter”, but randomly built monsters.

The second active project is Monsters Made to Order, and thematically you play as a mad scientist, or a patron of a mad scientist, who builds a giant monster from pieces to battle it out for control of a city. It’s a dice rolling, resource management, hints of worker placement, game that ends up being fairly light weight and fast for a game that tosses around a lot of euro mechanics.

Now you’re caught up. Things to expect from me soon:

* Play testing updates.
* Pics.
* Area on the site for play testers. (forums etc.)
* Thoughts on game design, and other related topics.

Have fun!

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