Introducing The Enchantress

Some of my regular play testers for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan probably have gotten fairly comfortable with the heroes in the game. Well today I’m throwing a twist in here for both the new play testers, and the experienced.

Meet the Alluring Enchantress

Alluring Enchantress

Here we can see her in a bit more detail

Alluring Enchantress wip

Of course this isn’t final art for the Enchantress, but you can believe that this is pretty close to what she will look like.

As far as her powers go?

That’s something that has to be experienced in person, but lets just say she has an uncanny charm, captivating presence, and graceful glamour that give her control over the game and others in ways that haven’t been seen before. Would you expect anything less from an enchantress?

“They say the greatest illusion is hiding your true power, but the weak do that too… Here a pony!”

That’s an odd title for a post. True.

I’m really tempted to put a “more” tag in there, so you have to click a link to see the reason for the title, or even, for a few of you to be confused, and walk away. Instead I’ll explain myself.

You see, in Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan the Illusionist is an epic hero who believes it’s OK to show off that power from time to time. That is to say she thinks “If you’re strong, sure sandbag to throw your opponent off, but if you’re stronger you don’t need to.” Also, she likes making illusions of things like ponies. I’m not sure why. Perhaps a part of her never grew up.

Speaking of here is the sketch for the Illusionist. It’s not the final art, not by a long shot, but it’s an approved concept piece, so it will be a good indicator of the final work. If you’d like to see what a final piece of art for Prophecies looks like, then check back later. I’ve got the final art for the Rogue, and it’s incredible! I just haven’t posted it yet. Still you can see a pretty nice picture of the Rogue here, and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t.



In addition to the Illusionist I thought I’d shared the cleaned up approved version of the Druidess. That you kindly helped us select. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, based on the previous submission, but with some cleaned up lines, and the winning footwear.



Back to the title of this post. In the game each of the character tableaux have a quote from the character that helps give a sense of the personality. The title of this post is that quote for the Illusionist. Meanwhile, the Druidess is, as you might expect, a bit more concerned about the land when she says “Do not take the serenity of the forest for weakness. To threaten the land is to tempt fate.”

I’ll talk about the story of the game, and the world that we are creating around it in a future post.

Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan Art Update

Some of my regular play testers have already been brought up to date on the latest art for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan, but I wanted to make some official posts to share with those of you that can’t play test with me regularly.

For starters I wanted to share with you an early sketch of the Exotic Necromancer:

Exotic Necromancer

Next I’d like to share a sketch of the Enchanting Valkyrie who has been kindly modeled by a friend of mine:

valkyre resketch rev2 comp

It’s really a shame I don’t know more models to help with my game designs.

It’s a Secret to Everybody! Being a Guest at SecretsCon 2014

If you haven’t preordered your pass for SecretsCon 2014 you should.

Honestly, I’m tempted to put a bullet list in here to tell you why, because everyone knows everything is better in list form, but I’ll resist that urge.

Instead, I’ll just say that SecretsCon is not your ordinary convention. In fact it’s not likely like any convention you’ve ever been to. This will be a weekend event, for one weekend in Atlanta, where gamers can gather, and commune. So what’s different between that any the other conventions you’ve likely attended? The good news is, nothing, and well, everything. The nothing part is simple it’s a gathering of like minded people. If you like games, pop culture geekery, and a good time, then you’ll enjoy SecretsCon. If you wish your sci-fi/anime conventions, that Atlanta is known for, had a way to bring home the fun, then SecretsCon is the con you’ve been waiting for, or that you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Let me explain. For me, the best part of a convention is going with a friend. Walking around, people watching, shopping, attending events, but most importantly having that friend to share it with. It’s like a perfect chocolate and peanut butter mix. The con would be great if you went alone, and your friend is still pretty great without the con, but there is something incredible when you have them together. In fact so much so, that I’ve observed in myself, and others a post con blues that you only get if you attended with your friends. Your friend, if out of town, isn’t around, the con only exists in a limited time at a specific place. You can’t recreate it, you may drive past the con’s hotel off season, and sigh wistfully. All that sighing isn’t going to bring the con back.

SecretsCon found a loophole. They will offer your normal con levels of fun, while also creating an environment to experience it with your friends, and quite easily make new ones. That is to say, you will be sitting down at table after table meeting new people, and sharing in some great/fun experiences.

That’s great and all, but how does that get you past the post con/friend blues? I’d ask you to wait, but I’m about to tell you.

So when the con is over, you won’t say to yourself “I have to wait a year.” You can simply setup a game night with your new found friends, and you’ve got a mini SecretsCon at your home. Better still, SecretsCon is the offshoot of the already popular local meetup, Secrets Factory which meets one to three times a week at various locations around Atlanta. It’s a methadone to your post con high.

Also, I’ll be a guest of the con. Just click the link and, scroll down, keep scrolling, I’m almost there, see me? Yep, I’m there, and I’m rambling about in my little bio. So check out SecretsCon, and my public con experience, and if you have time play test one of my games. I promise you’ll have a great time!

You picked the Druidess!

The polls are closed, and the results, and in, boy was it close!

First I want to thank everyone who participated, it’s great to see a small community forming here, and it’s encouraging to hear your various comments. All of them really added to the discussion, so I thought I’d share a few here real quick:

Kotatsumuri said “I would like barefoot, considering in another common concept of the druid able to walk throughout the forest without any hindrance.”

Pozix said “This is not some meek little wood nymph shyly emerging to defend her tree. This is a powerful woman stomping forth to exert her reign over a sizable chunk of mother nature. (“Supreme Druidess”) In order to stomp, one needs something to stomp with.”

Ennui said “If she’s not going to have rocket boots or knives for toes then she doesn’t need heels.”

Even though we didn’t hit our mark of 25 votes, I will say that we covered some distance. It looks like 3 of the voters are from Hawaii, and 1 from Ohio.

Now to see the winning picture, and the winner of the contest…

Read more

Today in Board Games/Contest Reminder/AWA

This is a reminder to enter our contest, and help charity. There are only a few days left.

Also, if you haven’t seen our article on When Play Testers Disagree

Today in Board Games was kind enough to feature the article. Check it out.

As you may have noticed I have not been very active lately. I’ve been attending Anime Weekend Atlanta, and talking with some of the artists who attend the convention that are not local to Atlanta. It’s a great opportunity to meet some great talent.

I will however begin posting again after the contest is over, so please tell your friends to vote, and vote yourself if you have not, and keep checking back, or subscribe to the RSS feed, so you never miss a post!

You can also subscribe to the Twitter feed.

You pick the look for the Supreme Druidess!

Update: A lot of people are coming to this article from which is great! I must admit I didn’t even know about the post on BGG until recently. It was a friend of our site that posted that entry, and I wasn’t informed. This is an old promotion, so I don’t want you to waste your time. Still, please feel free to check out the rest of our site, as we have some great articles on game design, interviews with people in the industry, and great commentary on games in general.

The Supreme Druidess has been a popular class during play tests of Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan, and one of my favorites.

Last week I got some concept quick sketches of some of the classes including the Supreme Druidess. It was a wonderful work that hit the mark, in every way, as to what I was looking for, but with one exception. I thought the shoes might not be right for this hero. I made a quick note to the artist, and he came back with two new sketches for me to consider. After looking at all three I realized I loved them all, including the original!

Because of that I’ve decided to leave it to you guys to help me pick out the new look. Granted the only difference is the shoes, but ask any fashion conscious druid, and they’ll tell you shoes make every difference in Titan slaying.

Just reply to this post with an entry saying “Original“, “Alternate 1“, or “Alternate 2“, and the one that gets the most votes is the one we will go with.

In return you will have my thanks. However, I know that thanks aren’t enough to make things interesting, so I will also be giving away 1 weekend long pass to AndoCon 2014 to one random person. (Even if the one you vote for isn’t selected by the group.) You can only vote once, but don’t be afraid to tell your friends.

Also, AndoCon staff members can vote, but they will be excluded from the contest.

To keep things extra interesting, if we get at least 25 votes I’ll donate $50 to the Child’s Play charity in the winner’s name.

The Contest will end Thursday October 3rd after the Secrets Factory Meetup where I will select the lucky winner, and I will announce it on this site. You do not have to attend the event to win, but it sure will make it more exciting if you are there.

If you have any questions about the contest, rules, or the art please let me know. I look forward to seeing which one you select!

Original Druidess

Alternate 1:
Alternate 1

Alternate 2:
Alternate 2

First look at Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan game art.

I’m very pleased to announce that art is starting to come in for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan.

This is an initial sketch done by our artist, and it’s just incredible. While searching for an artist to do the character portraits I was being very selective. I got a lot of great submissions from a lot of artists, but when I saw Bramasta’s work I knew that he was capable of capturing both the spirit, and tone of the game in a way that could not be matched. We were truly fortunate to find him.

Here is what the Resplendent Rogue will look like:

Resplendent Rogue

Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan – Character Artist Found

I am pleased to announce that I have found the character artist for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan. I have just commissioned this artist to do an initial picture of the “Resplendent Rogue.” Which is one of the epic heroes in the game. Once the picture is ready I will be posting it to the site, and I will be doing a feature on the artist behind the work.

It is my intention to hire this artist to do other characters in the game, and possibly the cover, and Titan art. It’s still early in the process, and I’m still in the talks with other artists.

Although, he has agreed to have me post links to his web portfolios which can be found here:

Unreal Smoker’s Deviant Art Page

The picture that inspired me to contact him:


And the picture he referenced as the format I can expect:

Death Knight

More details on this incredible artist, and Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan to come.

Additionally, I’ve updated the projects page for Addictive Alchemy.

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