Hosting International Tabletop Day 2018

New World Alchemy’s David A. Lupo will be hosting International Tabletop Day 2018 at Titan Games and Comics in Smyrna. The event will start at 11AM on April 28th. In its seventh year International Tabletop Day, is a worldwide celebration of board games and card games for everyone. Public gaming and community will be the focus of the event, so bring your friends who are both experienced gamers, or potentially new gamers.

You can find Titan Games & Comics at:

2512 Cobb Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30080

Phone – 770-690-3110
E-mail –

SFGE 2017

I will be a guest at South Fried Gameroom Expo again this year. Last year I was only able to be there for one day, but this weekend I’ll be part of a panel on game design, and I’ll be demoing New World Alchemy and Jason Stone Games all weekend long! Stop by the con, see what we’ve been working on, and check out this unique and amazing gaming convention. You can find out more details about SFGE at

An Open Letter to Our International Backers

Earlier this week we sent out an open letter to our international Kickstarter backers. We are sharing this message here:

Each game we make takes an incredible amount of time to design, play test, and publish. The idea may come from one person, or from a group of people, but even a game that is made by a single person cannot become a reality without the support of a lot of people who believe in it.

Addictive Alchemy is no exception. Dave designed the game as a challenge to himself, to make a game using only cards, and no other pieces. His local gaming community quickly jumped on board and from there support starting coming in from no less than three continents. All of this was before it was even put on Kickstarter.

You’ve been a big part of this support from around the world. Even though Addictive Alchemy is one game, you’ve shown us something that we see every day in this world, something that is important to remember: we are better when we work together, when we support common goals, dreams, and ideas.

Things that get in the way, like building walls, creating intolerance or misunderstandings can only hurt us. We want to say to you, our international backers, and to the international community, that we don’t believe in separation, inequity, or regression. We believe in building a world that connects people who support each other.

As a token of this, VectoriaDesigns and Team Alchemy have worked together again to create a new card. We won’t pretend the message is subtle. We want to be clear when we say this: we stand together. The art, the symbol for the green potions, and the effects of the card all reflect that message.

If you backed Addictive Alchemy as an international backer, or pre-ordered it from an address outside of the US, we will mail you this card.

A “print and play” version of the card will be made available for everyone from our website, or from the Addictive Alchemy page on Board Game Geek once we finalize it.

Please keep an eye out for it in the coming months.

We hope you find strength and support in our message.

Thank you,

Team Alchemy & VectoriaDesigns

Joachim Brackx, Tinne Diels, Jenn Lee, Jason Stone, Mir Mohammad, Joel Valencia, Elizabeth Gulsby, and David Lupo.

You can see the original post here:

Addictive Alchemy has gone around the world.

A lot of my communication since the Kickstarter campaign has been through Kickstarter channels, or social media. However, I did want to make a post saying that the online store is still up and running, and you can still order Addictive Alchemy through this website. There are stores in Atlanta, and soon to be other places that will also carry Addictive Alchemy.

If you’re interested in getting a copy by other means please send me a message, and I will look into it.

Most of the copies are in the US, but I can account for over 60 copies going around the world. Countries where people are now brewing potions include Australia, Japan, New Zeland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Austria, France, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, and Germany. I am really excited to be able to share Addictive Alchemy with people across the ocean, and Canada.

To all the alchemists around the world I say cheers!

Addictive Alchemy Pre-Orders!

Update: The site is now live! You can order you copy of Addictive Alchemy by clicking the Store link above!

I’ve got some wonderful news! Within the next month we will be launching a pre-order site for Addictive Alchemy!

The site is in process, but that’s not stopping us from taking those orders. If you’d like to pre-order a copy of the game for yourself or your gaming store you can contact us at:

The cost of the game per pre-order is $20 compared to the MSRP of $24.99.

If you are interested in getting some of our Kickstarter add-ons, or copies of the game for your store at retail rates please inquire about it in your email.

Don’t worry even though the focus of this site is shifting we will continue to have blog posts and updates about our games, and game design.


David A. Lupo
New World Alchemy

Addictive Alchemy Funded!

The first thing I want to say is if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Kickstarter for Addictive Alchemy, then please do so here:

The second thing is I want to thank everyone for making the game such a success! We launched on March 4th, and by the morning of the 3rd day we were funded! We are well on our way to our first stretch goal as well!

In anticipation of that we’ll be releasing images of the new cards that will come with that stretch goal in an up and coming announcement. To get you started I thought I’d share a sneak peak of one of the cards here:

In the world of Addictive Alchemy potion mixing has its own laws that differ from the normal laws of science. In that way an unstable catalyst is an oxymoron in chemistry, but a well known effect in alchemy. This kind of thinking allows alchemists to make fantastic potions which can allow them to shoot fireballs, but just because these potions appear nearly magical does not mean they aren’t grounded in the natural world. Vervain Vortex is a side effect that underscores this tie alchemy has with nature, but it does so in a way that makes sure you don’t forget about the true power of alchemy.

Dreams of Kickstarters

First a little back story. I grew up in a family of artists. Everyone could paint, draw, or both. Oddly, all of my friends growing up were artists as well. I desperately wanted to be one, and everyday I practiced drawing, only to see people pick up a pencil for the first time draw pictures better than me. By the time I turned 17 I had to let go of my dream. As I prepared to move on I looked back.

I looked back, and saw how much I loved games. When I was eight I made my first game, it was a role playing game about being a rock star. It was terrible, and the other RPGs and card games I made at that age weren’t really any better. Still, that was the thing that I enjoyed doing, and could see myself getting better, so I kept at it. I am a software developer today because of it, and I am happy whether I am making video games or board games, so learning to program was key to having a chance at designing video games.

The whole path of my life has been guided by my desire to make games. As a young adult I focused on school and my job more than rushing straight into game design. I knew I needed to increase the odds of success by building a foundation, but each step in that path was weighed through the filter of how it would bring me closer to being a game designer.

Finally 14 years ago I revisited game design properly, and made several games. I learned a lot of important lessons, but the time was not right, so I took a few years off of showing my games to the public. In that time I privately worked on projects to hone my skills.

Four years ago I brought one of my games to the public again, and it was well received, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. From that point on I’ve been working on several projects that I’ve talked about on this site. The one I’m most proud of is Addictive Alchemy.

Addictive Alchemy has been two years in the making. Well that’s not fair. The game almost as we know it today was ready two years ago. The rest of the time has been spent testing, confirming, and demoing games, and building my company New World Alchemy so that we can properly publish board games. I believe a self made man does not do it alone. Addictive Alchemy is not something that I have done alone. I have an incredibly talented team of artists, editors, analysts, and more who have given so much of their time to make my dream come true. When I count the names on the list of play testers for Addictive Alchemy alone (over 100 people), and I look at the people who are out there promoting it and sharing it with others I am uncertain how I can properly thank them.

All I can do is make sure their support, and effort is not wasted. This has gone past my dream, and I owe all of these people a published game, a game many of them have been asking me for a copy of for years now. Just like with making this game, this is not something I can do alone. This is where I have to ask everyone to help make this Kickstarter happen.

Let’s talk about Addictive Alchemy, share stories, and photos to make this game a reality.

I don’t want to let any of you down, and that’s why I am doing this right. That’s why I’ve hired a team of experts. That’s why I’ve waited until it’s ready.

That’s why I am here right now saying that we will have our Kickstarter launch on March 4, 2015

Thank you for helping to support my dream 31 years in the making.

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