Addictive Alchemy’s Logo

Three years ago I made my first board game in ages. It featured potions, alchemists, and zapping your friends while having a good time doing it.

This, is, not that game…

Addictive Alchemy

is the successor of that game, and I am happy to present the first look at the official logo for Addictive Alchemy.

VectoriaDesigns has once again outdone themselves with a gorgeous piece of art that also serves as the game’s logo.

The number one question people ask me is when will Addictive Alchemy be on Kickstarter? The answer is we are almost ready.

The second most common question people ask me is when will I bring back Aggressive Alchemy? I am happy to answer that I will resume the design of Addictive Alchemy’s predecessor in first quarter of 2015.


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