A little bit of Rogue

OK, I have a confession. I’ve been a bit stingy with you guys about some of the art we’ve been developing for Prophecies: In the Shadow of the Titan. I’ve shown you some great early art concepts of the Druidess, Illusionist, and the Necromancer.

In fact right now I’m going to even show you a very early draft of the Princess.

However, one thing I haven’t done is show you some of the final art for any of these beautiful epic heroes. With that I present to you…

The Resplendant Rogue

Just a few notes about this hero. Not only does she poses special abilities like Shadow Shift which grants her the ability to be a little more cunning than her opponents, but she can use her Bountiful Skill to force other players to change certain details in how they prepare for combat! Finally, she’s clever enough to use Sly Maneuver to always pick another player to go headlong into battle before her. The rogue is crafty, and it’s no surprise when she says things like “I don’t believe in fate, prophecy, or being poor.”

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