The Treasury – A Clever Solution to Bad Bits

Bad bits. We’ve all had them. I know for me the most recent, and most frustrating experience with a bad bit was only made worse by the fact that those bits belong to my current favorite board game. Oh, I suppose I should clarify what I mean by a bad bit. I’m talking about those pieces in a board game that either through poor design, quality, or some other fault negatively impact the fun of the game. In this case I’m talking about Temporum an incredibly clever, well designed game by Donald X. Everything about the game is incredible, including the currency that comes with the game, except it doesn’t have nearly enough of the lower denominations of the currency. As a result every turn you’re making change. This slows the game down, and gets in the way of the fun. What do you do in this situation? Well, after confirming that I can’t purchase extra pieces I got frustrated.

Then one morning I found out about a Kickstarter project that will solve this problem, and similar bad bit problems. I’m talking about The Treasury by Know Chance Games. The Treasury’s primary goal is to give players access to a high quality alternative to paper money. As the Kickstarter video points out paper money is never fun to handle, and it doesn’t last, or look good. The Treasury fixes that on several fronts by giving you access to one or more decks of card money. This means the money looks good, is game neutral, and can be sleeved. I’m really surprised other game companies haven’t tried to fill this need before, but I’m glad it’s about to be filled.