Get a card named after you at AndoCon 2014!

After the interview with Ando and Katie Mae, see last post, about AndoCon 2014 we got to talking. The idea came up to make a contest for people who preregister for AndoCon 2014. I love doing these kinds of contests, and so we decided to do the AndoConcoction contest. The wonderful artists at VectoriaDesigns have once again stepped up, and agreed to provide the art for the contest. Ando gives all of the details on the AndoCon website, so check it out here:

AndoCon Origins: Gaming Convention Plus

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Ando, and Katie Mae the founders of last year’s surprise hit board gaming convention AndoCon. If you’re not familiar with AndoCon you might have a few questions about the convention, and the name. I’ve asked all of those questions, and from the people best suited to answer them.

David: Ando, Katie Mae, it’s nice to see you, thank you for meeting with me.
Ando: Thank you, Dave. It’s always a pleasure.

David: Many gamers local to Atlanta know you, and by extension AndoCon, still I sometimes meet people who haven’t yet heard of AndoCon.
Katie Mae: We like to call AndoCon a “Gaming Convention Plus”. Open gaming is kind of our biggest feature, but we have a lot of other things going on as well.
Ando: That’s right – we will never forget our gaming roots, but we have a lot to offer.

AndoCon’s iconic Viking Cow.

David: As a gamer it sounds like a fun project. Unfortunately I didn’t find out about AndoCon in time to attend last year, but before I get into that I want to talk about the question that I suspect people have had for awhile. Your convention shares your name. I’m guessing there is a story behind this?
Katie Mae: (laughs) I can attest to the fact that it’s not just an ego trip for him!
Ando: You would both be correct! AndoCon’s roots are with a group of our friends from college, and a series of house gaming parties. We had a tendency to give each one a cute, unique name like “Dead Week Bash” (that one for our friends at Georgia Tech) or “Because Cake”. But one time in 2009, I convinced two coworkers who were also geeks, to fly from their homes in New York and Washington state to Atlanta to game with us. We also had our first­ ever multi­day party, spanning Friday and Saturday. At the end of the weekend, one of them was describing how much fun he’d had, and told me “You should do this every year! I dunno, call it……ANDOCON!” We laughed at it at first, but it kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? So it just…stuck.

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